Bache mit Frischlingen, © Plachy Walter


Dear Visitors,

As a Nature Park we strive to provide everyone, including people with special needs, the best experience possible. However, there are some limits to the nature experience we can offer. We have done everything we can in the Nature Park to take various special needs into consideration.

An accessible toilet is located in the Sparbach Nature Park Visitor Center near the entrance of the park. In the park you will find the disabled toilet (Eurokey required) near the Adventure Playground.

Our park has gravel pathways and some of them have an incline. We often have visitors in wheelchairs who are able to travel these sections with assistance.

We DO NOT have a tactile guidance system. People with visual impairments will  require assistance and someone to read the information signs along the path.

Should you require any further information, our team at the Nature Park Office (+43 (0) 2237-20729) or the Visitor Center (+43 (0) 2237-7625) will be happy to help you.