Bache mit Frischlingen, © Plachy Walter

Water Experiences

Lenau Pond and Leopold Mill

The Lenau Pond is named after the Biedermeier poet Nikolaus Lenau, who may well have written the “Reed Songs” on its very banks. From the rest and relaxation areas on the banks of the Lenau Pond you have a good view of the small island, where ducks can nest in wooden houses. Rudd and carp swim in the pond, both of which are easy to observe.

The Leopold Mill originally comes from the Bucklige Welt and was brought to Nature Park Sparbach and rebuilt in the 1960s. The large water wheel that drives the grinder is particularly impressive. The mill is fully equipped and an information board on the outer wall explains how it functions.

Water Playground at the Adventure Playground and in the Sparbach

THE highlight on a hot summer day is the Water Playground at the Adventure Playground in the Nature Park. In addition to the Archimedean screw and the downstream gutters, you can also play in the creek bed of the Sparbach. For the particularly brave: you can see if you have the skill to cross the creek over the palisades, or you can take the rope bridge, which is a little bit easier.