Annual Report 2020

A very challenging year, marked by a pandemic unlike any other in our lifetime, is drawing to a close. The coronavirus has also brought a number of new challenges for Naturpark Sparbach. Nevertheless, over the course of the year a “new normal” emerged, shaped by a series of events that took place at the nature park in 2020. We would like to summarize a selection of these events in this annual review.

Winter Break – No Time to Rest in the Nature Park

During the 2019/20 winter break, Nature Park Sparbach was busy working. A new, modern restroom facility was constructed near the adventure playground and the viewing enclosure. This required an 800 m long wastewater sewer line to be laid at great expense all the way to the connection to the public sewer network.

May – Finally the Start of the Season

Due to the coronavirus, Nature Park Sparbach was not able to start the 2020 season at the end of March as originally planned, but instead opened its gates on May 15th. The numerous corona protective measures were a major challenge for both - our guests and our employees. At the start of the season in May, the new website went online under the joint umbrella of the Naturparke Niederösterreich and Niederösterreich Werbung.

July – There is Always Something New to Discover

In July, the Neotinea ustulata var.aestivalis, the late-blooming fire orchid, was observed and documented for the first time in Nature Park Sparbach in the Diana Meadow. Like all orchids, this one is strictly protected.

At the end of July, the ORF Lower Austria Summer Tour visited Naturpark Sparbach with the famous actor Rudi Roubinek.

August – Batnight

A very interested group of participants and many bat sightings during the tour made for a truly successful Batnight on August 28th, 2020. At the end, we also came across a stately praying mantis near the exit gate.

October – The Season Comes to a Close

The autumn hiking season in Nature Park Sparbach was framed by the natural art exhibition in cooperation with the “Waldquelle wandert” (Waldquelle Hikes) project. Along the popular family hiking tour, Waldquelle provided a total of 10 natural works of art for visitors to discover.

As part of the General Assembly of the Lower Austrian Nature Parks, the strategy “Nature Park Lower Austria 2025” and the handover of the Nature Park Charter to LHSTV Dr. Stefan Pernkopf by the representatives of the Nature Parks and the respective communities set the course for the future.

Thank You Very Much

Naturpark Sparbach would like to thank all our guests for the numerous visits during this challenging year of corona 2020 and wish you a Merry Christmas and good luck and health in the New Year. 

Preview of 2021

We are planning to start the 2021 Nature Park season on Saturday March 27th and look forward to a healthy reunion in Nature Park Sparbach.