Bache mit Frischlingen, © Plachy Walter

Good Food

You can enjoy our selection of good food in the Naturpark Sparbach Visitor Center. On weekends, we also offer the opportunity to enjoy culinary delights at the kiosk at the Adventure Playground. A vending machine is also available to quench your thirst.

We tantalize your taste buds with wild boar delicacies in the Nature Park Visitor Center. Try the wild boar sausages or sausages filled with cheese, the boar goulash or the nature park snack. We also offer dried wild boar sausages with a roll to enjoy on the go.

We also offer: frankfurters, soups, apple and curd cheese strudels, crepes filled with jam and sweet dumplings. For friends of meatless food we have: crepes filled with spinach.

On weekends, we also offer a small selection of our foods at the kiosk near the Adventure Playground.