Bache mit Frischlingen, © Plachy Walter

Guided Tours for Children / Schools

Experience the Nature Park with a Guided Adventure Hike / Forest Educational Tour

The unique natural and cultural landscape in Nature Park Sparbach provides the perfect framework for making lessons more lively and interesting. Our program “The Nature Park as a Place of Learning” is supervised by trained forest educators. The adventure hikes become a sustainable experience for teachers and students in Nature Park Sparbach.

 The following educational programs are available:                                     

  • Educational Forest and Adventure Hikes (preschool and up)
  • “Time Travel Biedermeier” (elementary school and older)
  • Water Research in Sparbach & Lenau Pond (elementary school and up)
  • Climate Change in the Forest and Nature Park (sixth grade and up)

COMBO offer:  Guided hikes followed by a barbeque with sausages at the Visitor Center

Organization & Costs:

Admission & guided tour fee per participant: Children / Students € 11.00

Entry & guided tour fee per participant with barbeque and sausage:

Children / Students € 15,70 (COMBO offer)

When booking a COMBO offer, the sausages will be grilled at the barbecue area near the visitor center after the tour. If you choose to use the barbecue area at the adventure playground, a flat fee of € 50,- must be paid.

More Information & Reservations:

Nature Park Office Tel. +43 (0) 2237 20729

Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.